Millburn, NJ – Millburn High School students and staff are beginning preparation for the 6th annual “Battle of the Classes” event, a school spirit challenge which will be held in the main gym at 7PM on Friday, December 2.

The event is very much like a color war of the grades, with each class participating in activities throughout the week to earn points for their grade. Such activities include hallway decorations and collecting donations. The spirit week will culminate in the final tournament in the gym Friday night, which will include team dances, relay races, and other crowd-pleasers.

Grades are represented by the color assigned to them for the school year, which are:

Freshman: Green

Sophomores: Red

Juniors: White

Seniors: Blue

Paying attention to directions is key in this event, as not doing so can result in points assessed against your class. For instance, during the donation collections, only coins are accepted, and each bill received will be negative points.

Millburn High School’s TV Network, Studio 462, will also be livestreaming the event for the first time with live commentators. The livestream will be accessible online at Friday night.

The winning grade will be announced at the end of the week following the Friday night competition.

Daniel Sirota
Daniel Sirota is a junior (18-19) at MHS and the Director of Live Events for Studio 462. He is also a writer for TAPinto of Millburn-Short Hills. He generally works behind the scenes producing our livestreams, but you can also listen to him commentating on various events every so often.