The 6th annual Millburn Film Fest was held on Friday, April 21 at the Millburn High School auditorium. Featuring 9 winning films and the filmmakers behind the story, the near-two-hour event almost had a sold-out auditorium. Most (if not all) stories were original, and some emotionally touched the audience. Films like Lyric and Heba’s Story were very emotional. Lyric, by freshman Alex DeRosa, is an animated film that follows a girl that suffers from depression. It shows depression as a monster, but the girl manages to overcome and destroy the monster at the end of the story, which turns her life around. Lyric won a top spot in the Film Fest for its story and emotion. Heba’s Story by Ariel Riseman, is a documentary that tells the story of a Syrian refugee, Heba, who fled Syria with her family and relocated to nearby Elizabeth, NJ. It is mainly an interview with Heba, and it was also chosen for reasons similar to Lyric. Additionally, there were dramas and comedies (as usual). Senior Brendan Weissman’s The Fountain Case shares a possible reason as to why the popular ice cream shop Magic Fountain caught fire in Summit, NJ a few years ago. Of course, while the rest of the story is fictional, it’s clear that Magic Fountain was (and still is) a hotspot for high schoolers. With the help of fellow seniors Nick Ryan, Luke Wroblewski, Danny Hayes, and others, the film follows the search for the cause of the blaze. With the addition of middle school talent, eighth grader Rachel Solomon documented her grandmother’s story of walking across the country for her 70th birthday. Walk – The Story of the Iron Grannies shares her grandmother’s story as she traveled with her friends from Florida to California, in about a year. It even goes into details such as the fact that the grannies alternated between walking and driving the car so that nobody got too exhausted. Maxine, Rachel’s grandmother, also recalls how successful the team worked together. This goes to show audiences that nobody is ever too old to accomplish something great. While only 4 films were described here, you can watch the highlights from the night with the video from the top, which details all 9 films with filmmaker interviews by Studio 462 freshman Daniel Sirota. The video was also produced by Daniel Sirota.

By Dan Sirota

Dan Sirota is a graduate from MHS ('20) and the former Student Director of Studio 462. He now studies Film & Media Arts at American University in Washington, D.C.