With AP exams, PARCC testing, and finals hanging over our heads, it is a hectic time at MHS. But to help combat our anxiety, residents of Millburn township have brought in some house-hold heroes, and they are cute!

Therapy dogs.

Wagging their tails in the Student Center, room 114, two fluffy friends are available as stress relievers. Throughout PARCC testing and AP exams, registered therapy dogs will be available for our petting convenience from 11am- noon on specific days. Millburn students are ecstatic about this new addition to the school, and say that the dogs are not just cute, but they are beneficial to our mental health.

Junior, Evie Schott has visited these dogs multiple times, saying she wishes, “we had them for longer because not everyone has time to visit the dogs. It’s good to have them here, it is very therapeutic.” She also noticed that she has even seen teachers come in and out to pet the dogs. Both the faculty and the student body loves having these comforting friends accessible, especially during such a stressful quarter.

To the students: if you have not yet visited the therapy dogs, take the time to stop in room 114. It is well worth it.

To the administration: thank you for bringing in a way to relieve some of the academic stress at Millburn. We hope the dogs are welcomed back near finals!

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