Many of us have already met Mr. Bifulco, our new Athletic Director here at MHS, succeeding Mr. D’Alessio, who retired last year. Mr. Bifulco is an awesome guy who knows so much about sports and is such an easy person to talk to.

Another awesome thing we have here at MHS is our Adventure Education ropes course, located in the far corner of our fields. A site commonly overlooked, this course boasts over 15 elements to climb, ranging from a minor foot off the ground to throwing yourself over a 12-foot high wall to jumping off a pole that’s 25 feet in the air. The course allows for kids of all comfort zones to enjoy class while learning fundamental skills like tying knots and belaying others.


Anyway, while scrolling through the Adventure Ed Photo Site (since I took the class last quarter), I stumbled upon two pictures in the Period 4 folder. The one you see above is Bifulco heading up the pole to the zipline, a pole I was very hesitant to climb last quarter. Making it to the top is quite a nerve-racking experience, as you look down 30 feet before you jump off a platform and zip 300 feet across (thanks Coach Friedrich for getting these facts burned into my memory). For me, this was quite terrifying at first, but I closed my eyes and jumped, and when I realized I didn’t die, I opened my eyes and enjoyed the ride.

I had the chance to talk to Mr. Bifulco and see what he had to say about his visit:


What was your initial impression of the ropes course?

“The course is something tremendous and a great opportunity for students to take advantage of while at MHS.  It has the right mix of challenges for students of all experience levels.  And ultimately it is something that is inviting and attractive to be a part of.”


How did you feel about jumping off the zipline platform?

“I was a bit hesitant, as I have ziplined before however you never know what each line has to offer.  I loved the fact that it gives you a sense of free falling and the responsibilities of the Students to keep everything going is awesome.  The zipline provides the perfect amount of thrill and is something I will be doing again.”


Do you feel that you were always in safe hands?

“Yes, I have full trust in the work that Mr. Friedrich does in preparing his classes.  He was able to go through all the correct progressions, reinforcements, and correct sets of instructions on a daily basis, and would not allow the class to proceed until everyone knows how to handle the ropes and trust each other.  I was fully trustworthy of Mr. Friedrich and his class that day.”


What would you like to see added to the ropes course?

“I would love to see another zip line added, and some rock walls for advanced climbing.”


Would you return to the ropes course again in the future?

“Absolutely, I will be there often in the spring.”


Do you think Mr. Friedrich teaches Adventure Ed well?

Mr. Friedrich does an excellent job teaching adventure ed.  He is passionate about the subject, takes great pride in his work, and is an exemplary PE teacher…Especially when it comes to Adventure Ed.


Thanks again Mr. Bifulco for answering these questions! If you haven’t signed up for Adventure Ed yet, do so! Adventure ed is available to all students during Quarters 1, 3, and 4. The course is a great opportunity for students of all comfort zones and it’s an awesome choice for PE class! 

(photo credits go to Mr. Friedrich)

Daniel Sirota
Daniel Sirota is a junior at MHS and the Director of Live Events for Studio 462. He has worked on over 30 short films. He is also a writer for TAPinto of Millburn-Short Hills.