This past week I had the opportunity to interview two representatives from the sophomore class of 2021, Treasurer Syon Lee, and Vice President Corinne Quane, to gain some insight on BOTC 2018.

How did the sophomore student council come up with the Hollywood theme?

Corinne: We posted on facebook asking anyone interested in helping to pick the theme or decorate the hallway to meet in the cafeteria. We chose based on what the people who showed up wanted since we figured they would be the ones who would help us make the hallway. Most people there wanted Hollywood, so we went with it.

Syon: The council brainstormed a lot of ideas ranging from the Incredibles to Stranger Things, but we wanted to see what the people outside of the council were interested in doing. At a meeting that we held to decide the hallway theme, someone suggested Hollywood, and immediately people started to think of great ideas for the hallway. We decided to do Hollywood after that.

One of the most distinctive features of the sophomore hallway was how every class of 2021 student had their name written on a star. Why put in so much attention to detail?

Corinne: Honestly we just thought people would appreciate it and thought it would be a nice detail that went with the theme.

Syon: We wanted everyone to feel included, and excited for Spirit Week. I think that everyone really appreciated seeing their name in the hallway, and encouraged them to support our class by dressing up or coming to BOTC.

What was your favorite part of Spirit Week?

Corinne: The best part of Spirit Week was probably the actual Battle of the Classes events Friday night. They were so fun to compete in and it was so much fun to have the grade cheer for you and support you throughout the night. Plus the dances were really cool to watch.

Syon: My favorite part of Spirit Week was seeing the hallway come together. We started planning for the hallway a month advance, gathering supplies, brainstorming ideas, and recruiting artists and painters. It was amazing to see all the hard work and ideas come together.

What are all the forms of preparation that go into the BOTC event?

Corinne: I feel like people don’t quite understand how much time has to go into Battle of the Classes before hand. We started to work on the hallway a month before because we had to write the stars, make the murals, plan the layout, etc. We had to come during ½ of lunch and after school for 1 ½ hours every day for 2 weeks leading up to the event to practice the dance. We had to design the shirts which took at least 6 drafts and send out the forms and organize the pick up of them. Even though the work all paid off, it was time consuming.

Syon: Going into the event, the council along with many other students and BOTC team members, planned and prepared tremendously. We had many meetings after school where we painted murals, thought of ideas, and worked on pieces for the hallway. For the BOTC dance, one of our team members (Olivia Sanders) choreographed and made a remix to dance to. That was not the hardest part. Learning the dance was difficult because we had to find a time when everyone could meet, and we were also loaded with other activities and tests. We had a bake sale where we raised $120 to pay for supplies for the hallway. In addition, we designed t-shirts that our class could wear to BOTC. We couldn’t have done it with our advisors who helped us with planning and with any questions that we had.

Was it difficult to balance all of the time-sensitive BOTC responsibilities on top of all your school work?

Corinne: It was definitely hard to balance my work and BOTC responsibilities, especially since that same week I had 5 tests, but it wasn’t impossible. I got less sleep than usual, but in the long run it was definitely worth it.

Syon: Managing BOTC responsibilities with my school work was definitely difficult. I had 6 tests that week: 1 on Monday, 2 on Tuesday, 1 on Wednesday, and 2 on Thursday, on top of homework. Although it was difficult, I had fun at the dance practices and hallway decorating meetings while meeting new people that I can now call friends.

What are your thoughts on the way the shoe situation was handled during Friday’s pep rally?

Corinne: Not going to lie I was a little annoyed about the whole situation as we would have placed 2nd instead of last, but in the end it didn’t really have that big of an effect on our overall score and that’s what that matters. The junior and sophomore representatives say that rule was never made clear, and the freshman and senior council say it was, so I guess we will never know. Next time even if they say we can take our shoes off, we agreed to just keep them on.

Syon: I thought the shoe situation could have been handled better. Although the freshman and senior teams knew of this rule beforehand, the sophomore and junior teams were unaware due to miscommunication or lack of communication. Possibly if this rule was restated right before the relay, this situation could have been avoided.

What was your favorite part from Friday’s event?

Corinne: My favorite part was the girls’ tug of war. The sophomores came in first and it was so exciting because I don’t really think of myself as the strongest person, and I just couldn’t believe we won!

Syon: My favorite part from Friday’s event was the dance because I was actually very nervous to perform it in front of the school.

How do you view the level of spirit the sophomore class showed this past week?

Corinne: Unfortunately it was a little lower than I would have liked, but next year I know it will be higher. As the student council we thought we advertised it enough, but now we know that we should have probably enforced spirit week a bit more. We tried offering incentive one day by handing out hershey kisses to whoever wore red or pink for Valentine’s day, and that was our highest day of participation, so next year we’ll probably try to do that again and more often.

Syon: We need to increase our numbers in spirit week participation! Although we beat the freshman, we were still behind the juniors and seniors by a large margin. Next year, I expect that there will be higher numbers because more people are aware of Battle of the Classes and Spirit Week. Let’s beat the Class of 2020 next year!

Aashna Moorjani
Aashna Moorjani is a sophomore (18-19) at Millburn High School and the Website Administrator for Studio 462.