We at Studio 462 know that this school year is like no other.

We also share the pain that the Class of 2020 has been going through lately. Their senior year has been abruptly cut short.

However, it’s still appropriate to celebrate all of the seniors’ accomplishments! The senior celebration committee has organized a drive-by celebration to recognize the seniors, and Studio 462 will be live streaming the festivities on Thursday, June 3 from 4pm-6pm. You can catch the live feed here.

We’re also sad that our senior members here at Studio 462 never got the chance to end their year with a bang. Therefore, we’d like to take a moment to acknowledge and congratulate our senior members of Studio 462 who are graduating this year:

  • Student Director Daniel Sirota
  • Heads of Photography Lindsay Osten and Alena Nitti
  • Zoe Lechtman
  • Sema Madahar
  • Avery Schwab
  • Alec Jones
  • Peter Landreman
  • Jamie Serruto
  • Lexi Hunn
  • Jake Parker-Lentz
  • and Jade Wicker

We’d like to give our graduating seniors the best of luck as they open a new chapter of their lives!

Thank you to all of our viewers this year as well. As always, it’s been our pleasure to provide you high-quality sports broadcasts and news articles here on our website. We can’t wait to see what the new school year brings!

As we enter a most unusual summer season, here are some things you can do to help us hit the ground running in September:

On behalf of the entire team here at Studio 462, thank you so much for a successful year. We look forward to seeing you in September for our 8th year of operation!

By Dan Sirota

Dan Sirota is a graduate from MHS ('20) and the former Student Director of Studio 462. He now studies Film & Media Arts at American University in Washington, D.C.