On March 12, Nagano High School visited Millburn High School all the way from Japan. Considering the vast number of excellent schools to visit in the country, I interviewed Dr. Miron to get his thoughts on what a visit, like this, means for the Millburn school district.

Why were the Nagano High School students visiting in the first place? “This is the 2nd year they have visited this country as a cultural experience.”

Why would Nagano High School choose to visit MHS out of all the possible schools in the area? What makes us unique? “They heard that Millburn High School was a premier high school in the area so contacted us.  Since they are traveling as an educational institution – they are looking for schools that has a high regard for academics – but also emphasize a variety of extracurricular activities.”

What do you hope the Japanese students took away from MHS? “As in #2 above – we value academics but also have a robust program in music, art, athletics, etc.”

Did MHS students live up to the standards you expected? “Yes – we are polite, helpful and sincere.”

What do you think is something MHS should learn from Nagano High School? “Possibly how unique we are in supporting beyond academics.”

Put into perspective how unique it is that we had students from a foreign country pick Millburn as their representation of American education. How does MHS represent those American education ideals? “We seem to have visiting schools 1-3 times per year contact us.”

On a day to day basis, it’s easy to think of this high school as contained within a small corner of the world. While that’s literally true, this is a nice reminder our school belongs to an example of something greater.