A Few Good Men, the iconic Tom Cruise and Jack Nicholson film, made an appearance on the MHS Limelight stage this past weekend in its original play format.


In front of one of the largest audiences that the drama has seen in recent memory, the Limelight players performed their rendition of a beloved classic, with a new twist. Gender reversals was the most noticeable difference between the original and the version put on at MHS.


In the original movie cast, Tom Cruise played young Lieutenant Daniel Kaffee, a Navy lawyer set on proving himself and living up to his father’s reputation. Director Paul Weinstein decided to change Kaffee to a female role in the MHS version, featuring senior Alexa Kerner as the lead role. Weinstein believed that an added layer of sexism would provide a greater source of tension between Kaffee and Colonel Nathan Jessep, an older Marine officer originally played by Nicholson. Jessep was played by senior class president Kyle Mazer in the MHS rendition.


The play begins with two Marines facing court martial for the suspected murder of a fellow Marine. As the drama develops, we learn that a “code red” disciplinary action was performed as a hazing technique on the presently-dead marine. As the odds stack up against Kaffee and the Marines he/she is defending, it must take some miraculous lawyering to win the case.


To find out more, watch the recording of the MHS rendition, coming soon to studio462.org/live, or watch the original movie on Amazon Video or iTunes!

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