Part of the high school experience is trying new things in an attempt to discover what you are interested in. Some students at Millburn High School have done just this by organizing MHS’s second hackathon.

A Hackathon is a chance for students to learn about entrepreneurship and teamwork. These events rarely happen at high schools. In fact, up until this year Major League Hacking, the official student hacking league, has only accepted college level hacking events into the league. Millburn is the fourth high school in the country to enter the league this year.

Students have been planning for this event all year. They have explained how this is a 24 hour event where teams of up to 4 students program a project to present to a panel of judges. The event is constructed with technology workshops and product building opportunities so that within the time allotted, they can pitch their idea to the judges.

The hardworking team of students planning the event include David O’Sullivan, Asena Yildiz, Abhinav Madahar, Shannon Peng, and Oojin Ji. Throughout the year they have held many exclusive events to raise money, including a karaoke night, and have also raised money for their program through sponsors, such as the Ed Foundation. Their main fundraiser, Millburn Splash, was held last weekend at Millburn High School. Millburn Splash gave club members an opportunity to teach an assortment of workshops to local students grades 1-8. For a small fee, these students were entitled to take various classes. This successful fundraiser helped the club to acquire additional funds to support the hackathon.

The MHS II team (the larger of the hackathon groups) urges everyone to come and check out the event. Although the hackathon received around 300 applicants, only 140 were selected to participate. They were chosen through a random lottery. The remaining applicants and any others interested, will have the opportunity to take free workshops throughout the day.

As a member of the Millburn community, this is a great event to attend. The advisors are actively looking for new members so be sure to check out the Hackathon this Saturday, May 21. Refreshments and t-shirts will be provided.

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