Season 1, Episode 2 is here, and for once I can’t say that it’s “finally” here. This has to be the fastest video I’ve ever edited. Other videos I’ve filmed sometimes take me up to 3 weeks to work on (for instance: my Robotics Demo Day video), but this one was done in just over a week. This time, we have not just one, but two interviews for you, including the man behind the name of the show: Dr. Miron! We took lots of suggestions from our fellow members here at 462, and most (if not all) of them are seen somewhere in this video. From multiple camera angles to better sound, we tried to cover┬ájust about every issue there was in the premiere episode! I’d also like to thank our newest crew member, Pramit Khatri, for his work in this episode. I found out that he had joined us literally minutes before we had to go out for interviews. With an extremely quick welcome into the group and no briefing whatsoever, Pramit served as an awesome cameraman! Thank you Pramit, and welcome aboard! Watch this episode, and then… As always, have a good morning and a pleasant afternoon!

By Dan Sirota

Dan Sirota is a graduate from MHS ('20) and the former Student Director of Studio 462. He now studies Film & Media Arts at American University in Washington, D.C.