This post was last updated on February 6, 2017

It was back in early October of 2016 when I was approached by Jonathan Silverman, and he asked me if I wanted to do a show with him. I happily agreed, but then we had to figure out just what we were going to do on the show. Our original idea was to do a show similar to “Humans of New York” and call it “Humans of MHS”. Somehow that idea vanished from our minds, so we went to work on another idea. After a few more tries, we finally came up with a great show – “Have a Good Morning and a Pleasant Afternoon” (for the purposes of this article, we’ll just call the show “HGMPA” due to its long title).

HGMPA (Dr. Miron’s famous way to end morning announcements) is a show where we go around interviewing people in the school such as coaches, athletes, club leaders, faculty, and other people involved in events going on around MHS.

We’ve developed a great production team with the following people:

  • Jonathan Silverman and Daniel Sirota as Co-Producers
  • Daniel Sirota as Director and Editor
  • Pramit Khatri as Production Assistant

So far, we’ve interviewed:

  • Luke Wroblewski, Musical Director of Soulfege a Cappella
  • Dr. Miron, MHS Principal
  • Ms. Harrington, MHS Librarian
  • Mr. Riggio, English Teacher
  • Sophie Richman, President of Food Club
  • Mrs. Dahse, Student Center
  • Mr. Schilp, Science Teacher
  • Dr. Keenan, MHS Vice Principal

If you’re a club leader, coach, or anything else that we could interview you on, please let us know by heading to http://tinyurl.com/hgmpa462 and completing the request form! We’d love to have you on our show! Also, be sure to like us on Facebook @HGMPA462

You can watch our episodes at any time by clicking on the episode links below:

Season 1, Episode 1: www.studio462.org/hgmpa-s1e1

Season 1, Episode 2: www.studio462.org/hgmpa-s1e2

Season 1, Episode 3: www.studio462.org/hgmpa-s1e3

Season 1, Episode 4: www.studio462.org/hgmpa-s1e4

Don’t forget to Have a Good Morning and a Pleasant Afternoon!

Daniel Sirota
Studio 462 VP of Technology | Varsity Bowling | Stage Crew | Adventure Education | Freshman & MHS Class of 2020