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“Have a Good Morning and a Pleasant Afternoon” is a Studio 462 talk show production, co-produced by Jon Silverman and Daniel Sirota. The show’s crew interviews people around Millburn High School, such as coaches, athletes, club leaders, faculty, and other people involved in events around the school. The show is named after MHS Principal Dr. Miron’s way to end morning announcements in homeroom.

Season 2 was officially released on November 3. Thank you to our amazing viewers, and thanks to our awesome crew – we can’t keep this show running without you!

If you’re a club leader, coach, or anything else that HGMPA could interview you on, please let them know by heading to http://tinyurl.com/hgmpa462 and completing the request form! They’d love to have you on our show!

Also, be sure to follow HGMPA on social media!

The show’s episodes are always uploaded to Facebook and YouTube. Due to Twitter’s inability to upload videos, the show will Tweet a link to the episode on their Twitter page.

All new episodes are released on said release dates at 10:00 A.M. EST. Twitter links may come out later than Facebook, YouTube, and the Studio 462 article because Twitter does not allow for the scheduling of Tweets.

The production team for season 2 is comprised of:

  • Director and Editor Daniel Sirota
  • Host Jonathan Silverman
  • Co-Producers Jonathan Silverman and Daniel Sirota
  • Production Assistants Alec Jones and David Ortega

Some past members of the production team include:

  • Pramit Khatri
  • Matt Ayoub
  • Victor Zheng

So far, in Season 2, HGMPA interviewed:

  • Brad Klein, 2017-2018 Studio 462 Co-President
  • Bud Powar, 2017-2018 Studio 462 Co-President
  • David Jordan, Special Guest with Brad Klein and Bud Powar

In Season 1, HGMPA interviewed:

  • Luke Wroblewski, Musical Director of Soulfege a Cappella
  • Dr. Miron, MHS Principal
  • Ms. Harrington, MHS Librarian
  • Mr. Riggio, English Teacher
  • Sophie Richman, President of Food Club
  • Mrs. Dahse, Student Center
  • Mr. Schilp, Science Teacher
  • Dr. Keenan, MHS Vice Principal
  • Brendan Weissman, 2016-2017 Studio 462 Co-President
  • Robby Aronson, 2016-2017 Studio 462 Co-President

You can watch HGMPA’s episodes at any time by clicking on the episode links below:

Season 2:

Season 1:

Don’t forget to Have a Good Morning and a Pleasant Afternoon!

Daniel Sirota

Sirota is a sophomore (17/18) at MHS, and he’s the Head of Technology for Studio’s 17/18 year. As a master editor, he releases many different and entertaining videos throughout the year. You can hear him behind the microphone often, as he enjoys commentating for soccer, basketball, lacrosse, and the annual Battle of the Classes.