Hollywood today sorely lacks original films. Almost everything in theaters is a sequel, a reboot, or a spinoff. It’s frustrating as a consumer. I know there are new ideas out there, but they are sadly overshadowed by the monopolies big franchises have on the market. 

The constant hiring of new directors, new actors, new writers, and so on with these big franchises dilutes any original thinking or creativity in favor of big studio demands. Core ideas from the starting films are thrown out the window as executives start to see the potential money to be made. 

One such franchise is Star Wars. Now, as a disclaimer, I absolutely love Star Wars, much more than the average person. However, that does not mean I ignore criticism about the overabundance of Star Wars films hitting theaters. So, from the perspective of fan, I will explain why I’m against the idea to continue making Star Wars films indefinitely.

Episodes VII, VIII, and IX

I was incredibly excited when episodes VII, VIII, and IX were first announced. It was time for Star Wars to be modernized for a new generation. The original Star Wars movies are classics, and while many kids do enjoy it, it was time to reach a wider audience. That is my limit: three new films created with purpose and respect for the originals. They include enough old faces to get long-time fans excited and enough disconnect from lore to generate interest for new fans. 

The potential for desecrating already golden past films definitely lurked in the back of my mind. However, all doubts were obliterated upon seeing the bold, thoughtful choices the new films made, while maintaining respect to what gave them life decades before.

New Trilogy

What I do not like is the development of another trilogy following the one currently being made, as it lacks purpose. Say what you will about the current trilogy, but it is made keeping both fan and studio interests in mind. Branching off following the brief stint from 2015-2019 comes off as greed. 

The studios know that no matter how much someone hates the idea of more films, they will go see them. This trilogy will not be following any familiar characters and seems to only be considered a “Star Wars” film, because of the setting and structure. What is the point of these films if they are a continuation of nothing? At least wait another generation to have the excuse of modernization.

I would only go see these films out of respect for the name they are under, a name that they are not even justified to have. These future movies are a cop out in place of coming up with a new setting and new ideas for space movies.

“Star Wars Stories”

With Rogue One being a box office smash and Solo’s Memorial Day flop many more “Star Wars Stories” are in the works.

After seeing Rogue One and Solo, the biggest problems for me are the style inconsistencies. The movies seem to be made for a completely different series. They do not follow the lighting, the setup, or the tone I have come to expect from Star Wars. 

Not to forget, I never needed these films. They are nice to have in between the next main Star Wars film, although they do not provide the same satisfaction. I did not truly want a film just focused on Han Solo, or one about how the Death Star plans were obtained. They tarnished my views of the original films, as they did for many viewers around the country.

I worry about what the Star Wars franchise will become. Disney’s eagerness to milk the franchise seems on the path of ruining the glory that the Star Wars name once carried (even despite the prequels). Having hundreds of Star Wars movies in the coming decades sounds awesome at face value. Though based on the path being taken right now it doesn’t seem like those films will even be worthy of our beloved universe.