Last week, Millburn students were surprised with a visit from the Inside Edition crew, who gave make overs to our cafeteria staff. Out of all the things Dr. Miron could have meant when he said there would be a “surprise” during lunch, having a TV crew coming to film a segment that would air nationally was pretty far down on my list of guesses. I interviewed Senior Class President, Jamie Serruto, to get a behind the scenes look at how this all came together.

1. What was your exact role in the process? Did you have any interaction with the film crew?

I was a supporter of the initiative and helped assemble the students for the unveiling. The show inside edition checked Millburn High School exclusive way based on the word about our dedicated cafeteria staff.

2. What was your reaction upon finding out that Inside Edition would be coming to the school?

I thought it was extraordinary when I got the word that inside addition would be coming to Millburn High because the national news program with showcase Millburn across the country and it made the school feel special. I thought it was great how we were able to give back to those who work so hard and don’t get enough recognition back. 

3. Why do you believe our cafeteria staff deserved makeovers?

Our cafeteria staff deserved the makeovers because they devote so much time to serving others and don’t get enough recognition. The students forget how much of an impact they have and keeping us safe, nourished and they help set the tone for a positive and supportive school environment. They looked great and it made me really happy to see them so excited. 

4. How did you feel watching the unveiling happen? When you saw the segment air on TV? 

I was in awe when the unveiling happened because the school came together to cheer on our beloved cafeteria workers. It was really exciting and everyone was positive and supportive. The cafeteria workers looked so happy and deserving. When I saw the TV segment air it made me proud of our school for giving back and it helped highlight all of the great things that we are doing at Millburn High.

In case you missed seeing the clip live, here’s the YouTube link: