It looks like Hartshorn might be a little less busy this coming May.

Jake’s Ride announced that they will be ending Jake’s Ride after 9 successful years. The ride was held every year at Hartshorn School (except for the first year, which was held at Glenwood) to raise money for Dystonia and Parkinson’s disease research. Jake Silverman, the person whom the ride was named after, suffers Dystonia, but has successfully overcome it. Though he is not cured from the disease, he is living a successful, normal life of a college student. Jake has come a long way from when the Ride first started back in 2008. I attended every Ride and volunteered for the last three.

The following is an excerpt from an email that was sent to me in an email from Nancy Silverman (Jake’s mother), when I emailed to ask about volunteering this year:

“We have decided to end Jake’s Ride after 9 successful years and over 2.7 million dollars raised for research and fellowships.” ~Nancy Silverman

Jake’s Ride teamed up with the Michael J. Fox foundation last year, and the ride continued in 2016 under the new merger. Nobody is exactly sure why Jake’s Ride has come to an end, but some speculate that the merger was to blame.

Jake’s Ride was truly an amazing event. We’ll all miss it.

Daniel Sirota
Daniel Sirota is a sophomore at MHS, and he's the current Vice President of Technology for Studio 462. He is also a co-producer and director of the Studio 462 talk show "Have a Good Morning and a Pleasant Afternoon." While he generally produces our live streams, you can also hear him commentating soccer, lacrosse, and the annual Battle of the Classes.