The halls at MHS were dead quiet on Tuesday and Wednesday this week as Winter Storm Stella (or as some are calling it, the “March Blizzard”) dumped about a foot of snow onto the streets of Millburn and Short Hills. The decision to cancel school Tuesday came in the middle of 8th period on Monday, and I celebrated the announcement by going home and turning off my 5:45 A.M. alarm clock for Tuesday morning.

Then, as everyone woke up to arrive at school Wednesday on a 2-hour delayed opening schedule, the Board of Education sent out a phone call at approximately 7:30 A.M. announcing that there will be no school on Wednesday either. Schools will definitely resume on Thursday. However, this means that Millburn has now used all 3 of its allowed snow days for the year. Any additional snow days (and let’s hope there aren’t any more) will result in days being taken away from our April Break.

Last year, Millburn only used 2 of the 3 snow days, so the Board of Education gave us that extra day back by adding it onto our Memorial Day weekend/break. Though it was one of the best days to go down to the Millburn Pool and take a swim, Millburn Recreation did not plan on having the pool open that Tuesday, so the pool remained closed until the following Saturday.

Because school was canceled Tuesday, the MHS Pi Day celebration (Tuesday was Pi Day in case you didn’t know) has been postponed to a date to be announced.

Some students chose to spend the days catching up on assignments and preparing essays. But who says you have to be doing school work?

Senior Brendan Weissman spent his snow days “working on his [March Madness] bracket to make sure it is perfect before Thursday and catching up on a show called Bates Motel on Netflix. Everything but school work”.

Junior Brad Klein described Tuesday as “far from a day off” as he “had to shovel out his family, and two of his neighbors.” He doesn’t like snow days because he “always gets plowed in while shoveling”.

I spent my days off preparing for an English essay (and also catching up on CBS’s Scorpion and Superior Donuts).

So whether you spent the days watching Netflix or writing 1000 words, we hope you enjoyed your day off!

Daniel Sirota
Daniel Sirota is a sophomore at MHS, and he's the current Vice President of Technology for Studio 462. He is also a writer for TAPinto of Millburn-Short Hills and a co-producer and director of the Studio 462 talk show "Have a Good Morning and a Pleasant Afternoon." He generally works behind the scenes producing our livestreams, but you can also listen to him commentating on various events every so often.