• Above Left, Sophomore Jared Simons watches his ball as it heads towards the pins.
  • Above Right, Freshman Matt Norflus releases his ball to make the spare.
  • Cover Photo: Freshman Daniel Sirota watches his ball head down the lane.

December 19, 2016 – MHS bowling took on Caldwell HS today for the second time this season. The last match against Caldwell, both Varsity and JV won 5-2. This week, Varsity suffered its second loss while JV won 7-0.

Here are the Varsity highlights from the match:

  • Senior Michael Neiman bowled a high game of 213, a 3-game series of 587, and a 3-game series average of 198.
  • Senior Lauren Potechin bowled a high game of 235, a 3-game series of 577, and a 3-game series average of 192.
  • Senior Jack Nirenberg bowled a high game of 199, a 3-game series of 574, and a 3-game series average of 191.
  • Senior Benji Prashker bowled a high game of 193, a 3-game series of 523, and a 3-game series average of 174.

Here are the JV highlights from the match:

  • Freshman Daniel Sirota bowled a high game of 182, a 3-game series of 468, and a 3-game series average of 156.
  • Sophomore Jeremy Dranikoff bowled a high game of 130.
  • Freshman Matt Norflus bowled a high game of 146, a 2-game series of 262, and a 2-game series average of 131.
  • Senior Ethan Denenberg bowled a high game of 131.

The overall high from MHS was achieved by Lauren Potechin with a 235 in her second game.

The overall high from Caldwell HS was achieved by Bryce Bayard with a 266 in his third game.

Current Standings:
Varsity: 5-2

JV: 5-2

Here’s a look at some upcoming matches. We encourage you to come support our team at Hanover Lanes at 3:50PM:

  • Thursday, 12/22: Seton Hall Prep
  • Thursday, 1/5: West Orange
  • Monday, 1/9: Irvington
  • Thursday, 1/12: Livingston


(Bowler statistics courtesy of Coach Guarino)

Daniel Sirota
Daniel Sirota is a sophomore at MHS, and he's the current Vice President of Technology for Studio 462. He is also a co-producer and director of the Studio 462 talk show "Have a Good Morning and a Pleasant Afternoon." While he generally produces our live streams, you can also hear him commentating soccer, lacrosse, and the annual Battle of the Classes.