• Above Left, Sophomore Jared Simons watches his ball as it heads towards the pins.
  • Above Right, Freshman Matt Norflus releases his ball to make the spare.
  • Cover Photo: Freshman Daniel Sirota watches his ball head down the lane.

December 19, 2016 – MHS bowling took on Caldwell HS today for the second time this season. The last match against Caldwell, both Varsity and JV won 5-2. This week, Varsity suffered its second loss while JV won 7-0.

Here are the Varsity highlights from the match:

  • Senior Michael Neiman bowled a high game of 213, a 3-game series of 587, and a 3-game series average of 198.
  • Senior Lauren Potechin bowled a high game of 235, a 3-game series of 577, and a 3-game series average of 192.
  • Senior Jack Nirenberg bowled a high game of 199, a 3-game series of 574, and a 3-game series average of 191.
  • Senior Benji Prashker bowled a high game of 193, a 3-game series of 523, and a 3-game series average of 174.

Here are the JV highlights from the match:

  • Freshman Daniel Sirota bowled a high game of 182, a 3-game series of 468, and a 3-game series average of 156.
  • Sophomore Jeremy Dranikoff bowled a high game of 130.
  • Freshman Matt Norflus bowled a high game of 146, a 2-game series of 262, and a 2-game series average of 131.
  • Senior Ethan Denenberg bowled a high game of 131.

The overall high from MHS was achieved by Lauren Potechin with a 235 in her second game.

The overall high from Caldwell HS was achieved by Bryce Bayard with a 266 in his third game.

Current Standings:
Varsity: 5-2

JV: 5-2

Here’s a look at some upcoming matches. We encourage you to come support our team at Hanover Lanes at 3:50PM:

  • Thursday, 12/22: Seton Hall Prep
  • Thursday, 1/5: West Orange
  • Monday, 1/9: Irvington
  • Thursday, 1/12: Livingston


(Bowler statistics courtesy of Coach Guarino)

Daniel Sirota

Sirota is a sophomore (17/18) at MHS, and he’s the Head of Technology for Studio’s 17/18 year. As a master editor, he releases many different and entertaining videos throughout the year. You can hear him behind the microphone often, as he enjoys commentating for soccer, basketball, lacrosse, and the annual Battle of the Classes.