The MHS Dance Company brought the house down last night at the 10th annual Winter Dance Concert. Not only did current MHS students from the Company perform, but MHS Alumni took the stage as well. All types of songs were played, including hip hop, rap, and even some cultural music. With 15 performances throughout the night, this was a crowd-pleaser for everyone.


Above, Ishika Gupta and Meenal Upadhyay perform in their duet to the song, “Mujhe Rang De”.

Director Arvin Arjona stated in his Directors Note that “Our dance program at Millburn High School has grown over the years and having done 10 Winter Dance Concerts and 11 Spring Concerts is a bigger accomplishment.”

Arjona, who has been at Millburn since 2007, got the high school’s dance program from nothing to one of the most respected companies in New Jersey. They even performed in the 2014 Orange Bowl. Mr. Arjona also has some amazing¬†dance moves, and he showed some of them off during the bows Friday night.

Mr. Arjona gets front and center at the end of bows and puts the show over with a bang!

Performances are always better when there’s alumni in the theater. But how about when they’re performing on stage? Two MHS alumni, Kai Rapelyea and Hassan Syed returned to the stage Friday night, with both of them performing in a duet and Kai performing his solo of “The Heart’s Plaque”

Kai Rapelyea performs in his solo “The Heart’s Plaque”.

The 10th Winter Dance Concert was certainly a hit. Arjona will put on the 11th Spring Dance Concert this coming May!

Missed the show? No worries! Catch up on the show with our live stream of it by clicking the link below!


Dan Sirota is a graduate from MHS ('20) and the former Student Director of Studio 462. He now studies Film & Media Arts at American University in Washington, D.C.