Full disclosure, I wouldn’t consider myself to be a MIB super fan. I have only seen the first movie and the new one that just came out. 

I really enjoyed the first one. It had a sharp balance between the wonkiness and suspense of the plot. 

That being said, the original movie didn’t change my life or even warrant a rewatching in my eyes. I viewed it as a fun ride and that’s exactly what I expected out of “MIB International.”

If you were to describe the individual parts that make up this movie, it sounds incredible. A woman joining the Men in Black, Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson, a beautiful global setting… I could go on. 

Unfortunately, all of those great elements fell flat when combined. Even my most basic expectation of being humored for an hour and a half wasn’t met. 

The jokes made me cringe rather than smile. The plot lacked any sort of meaning. All the appropriate set up to care about what was going on was cut in favor of dull quips. 

To make it even worse, I had no idea who the characters were on a deeper level than actions. The necessary development was again cut out to make room for mushy intrigue. 

The movie was happening, which I was actively aware of, yet I strangely couldn’t be bothered to invest my energy in the experience. This is coming from a person who always finds herself overly invested in the fictional. 

The supposedly shocking plot twist was obvious within the first 30 minutes and fell onto movie cliches that have worn out charm. I’m so tired of movies thinking they’re smart to pull the same trick over and over again on audiences. 

Perhaps what disappointed me the most was the fact that Hemsworth and Thompson didn’t click in the way I’d hoped. 

If you’ve seen “Thor Ragnarok” (great movie by the way), then you know how funny and electric these two actors can be if given the right script. 

The script irritatingly revolves around the same few jokes and kept repurposing them, which transitions nicely into my main point that this movie largely lacked innovation in everything but concept. 

In fact, I would say the latest installment sullied my view of the classic original. The MIB series no longer receives the same respect in my mind. 

This new release was simply unnecessary. 

In Hollywood, it’s all too common to see big studios bringing back old movies for reboots and sequels, rather than coming up with fresh ideas. I’ll spare you the full lecture, but I have to say MIB international fits the reason why we don’t need sequels to everything. 

Anytime a studio touches a beloved movie, they run the risk of alienating their fans, as was the case here. Instead of building on the love, the studios creates disappointment and chips away at that love. The MIB trilogy ended and it would have been best to leave it alone. 

In short, there are several new summer releases that deserve your time and money far more than “MIB International.”