On a night filled with senior-related festivities, the Millers put on a show themselves in a resounding 67-31 victory over the Caldwell Chiefs. Before the game, coach Rodger Blind read out his pregame speeches honoring the seniors involved with Millburn basketball. The full speeches, which can be found in the stream, were for Studio 462’s Presidents Luc Sigaud and Ruslan Volyar, manager Jenna Sherman, and players Rob OrdoƱez, Adam Margolis, Ethan Podell, Zach Weiss, Max Marell, and Jake Bank.

Those first five compose the “White Squad,” meaning those who train the starters, got off to a fast and furious start, with Adam Margolis scoring 3 of his joint game-high 15 points on an early shot from behind the arc. Leading into the game, these seniors were chomping at the bit, eager to snatch up this opportunity for some rare playing time. Once their time came, they took it in full force.

After a strong first quarter, the white squad gave way to the “Blue Squad,” meaning the regular starters, trusting they could maintain the lead. That trust was not misplaced. With some dazzling offensive moves from the likes of Zach Ravitz and Ross Gang, the Millers were able to make the most out of a thrilling Senior Night. For Caldwell, Austin Scott was the primary source of offense with a joint game-high 15 points, albeit an inefficient 15 points at that.

Looking ahead, Millburn kicks off its state tournament action on Tuesday against 10th seeded Franklin, which can be seen at studio462.org/live. Until then, the memories of a delightful senior night will be sure to tide Millburn and Millers fans over.


Photographs by Andrew Clark.

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