For as long as anyone can remember, Millburn fans have had a difficult choice to make: stay home and miss out on their Millers on the hardwood, or go to the game and fall behind on school work? However, due to the work of one of Millburn’s clubs, Studio 462 to be more exact, this dilemma can be easily avoided. Founded by current seniors Max Retik and Josh Chodor, the club has been present at various Millburn functions, ranging from the Key Club talent show during the fall to the Board of Education meetings throughout the year. In fact, some well-versed readers will recognize these names from a recent article in The Item. Ultimately, it seems as if this club was a perfect fit to cover a wide spectrum of the different sporting events Millburn has to offer. While people such as Max Retik and Ruslan Volyar are running the show behind the scenes, the broadcasters, and voices who have become more recognizable for the viewers that have loyally tuned in for a majority of Studio 462’s events, include such names as founder Josh Chodor and Brendan Weissman. Topics range on air from interviews of the parents of the players, to the tutelage of Mr. Raymond, to Coach Blind’s game day sweater vest, and, oh yeah, to the game itself. In fact, even the athletes themselves have gotten in on some of the action, with Wisconsin commit Jake Pickard joining the club for an interview during football season. Looking ahead, the club will have plenty of options to choose from in terms of covering spring events, with the students having a large say in the action, although everything must be approved by faculty advisor Mr. Rhodes. As it stands, students have been clamoring for coverage of either lacrosse or baseball, but time will tell. Now, in the second season of Studio 462’s coverage of Millburn’s basketball games, the Millers have last season’s great record to which to live up. Sure, one could chalk it up to the all around excellent play of both a deep bench and a veteran starting five, but perhaps the added recognition of being seen by hundreds more people on the internet has inspired the Millers basketball team. If you or anyone you know is interested in either watching the game online or joining the club, either contact someone who has been mentioned in this article or check posters around the school for more information.

The official archives of Studio 462. Archived articles are articles written by former members of Studio 462 who have since graduated or left the Studio.