Alright, let me make sure this recording is on….

Hey guys, good to see you today.

Another typical Tuesday morning, partly sunny skies, a steaming cup of tea in hand, catching up on the day’s news.

And for me, it includes opening up that finicky screen-recorder, and running another Model UN(MUN) summer session.

Created by Madeline Bryant and myself, the co-presidents of MUN last year, these MUN summer sessions help new members learn the key skills for MUN, and practice extensively, so that they can hit the ground running in the school year. From Parliamentary Procedure(Parlipro), to writing Resolution Papers, the incoming members were able to understand and practice the essential parts of a MUN conference.

In the first year running it, we had 4 new students join in, in addition to our immensely talented board.

Arav Wahi, a rising freshman, attended the information sessions, representing India in the practice conferences and activities. Asked about them, he said, “The sessions helped me understand the proper process of Model UN and how exactly I should work to make my topics and resolutions meaningful and productive. The club gave me insights into how I could understand global issues and work to make solutions that promoted unity and teamwork.”

As we approach the school year now, we hope that more people venture into the world of MUN, and experience the satisfaction and thrill that this club provides.