Studio462 has found a new home away from the Livestream page! With our new site design, we hope to take the network to new places, expanding our boundaries from live broadcasting to written news articles and photos as well.

Looking around, you might notice an abundance of changes. The website is based on the WordPress framework which allows us to integrate many cool and unique features. To name a few:

  • Multiple Authors: Now, every member of Studio462 gets a unique login to contribute content to the site, expanding the number of students who can write, and the amount of content the site will have. Additionally, each author gets a short bio under the article he/she has written.
  • Tags and categories for filtering articles around the site and navigating.
  • Trending categories: filters sorted by number of posts, or popularity.
  • Live-updating, constantly changing homepage based on the most recent news.
  • Live-embeds of the players from the studio’s Livestream page.

Check back frequently to catch the most recent Millburn news, game analyses, broadcast schedules, live event videos, commercials, student-produced shows, and more!

Thanks to student and fellow Studio462-er Ruslan Volyar for the upgrade/re-vamp of our website.

The official archives of Studio 462. Archived articles are articles written by former members of Studio 462 who have since graduated or left the Studio.