In preparation for Senior Night on February 26, 2016, the younger guys on the Millburn Boys’ Basketball team took the time to write a letter to each senior on the team explaining just how much they mean to the program.



Rob Ordoñez, “the most interesting man in the world”, is not only a ladies man, but also the heart and soul of our team. Rob is known for his outstanding pregame speeches and great celebrations. With Rob’s energy on the court and lefty hook shot, don’t be surprised if he breaks Wilt Chamberlain’s single game record of 100 points. Even if he doesn’t break this record, he will clearly get the record for attracting the most girls to a basketball game. Rob Ordoñez’s spirit and energy will be greatly missed by the Millburn basketball team next year.



Ethan Podell, who is better known as “Girth” because of his huge butt, is a baller on and off the court. Ethan may have been plagued by injuries throughout his high school career, but he is still one of the most dedicated players on the team. Ethan has been given many NBA comparisons because of his unorthodox style of play. He has been compared to Brian Scalabrine, Sim Bhullar, and Jeremy Lin because of his sweet hair. The reason Ethan has not seen much time on the court this season is because Coach Blind has been saving him for Friday night against Caldwell, where he knows Ethan will ball like a boss.

Zach Ravitz


Zach Weiss is referred to as the captain of the white (practice) squad (squaaa) by many. He knows how to run a team. At an outstanding height of about 5’6’’, I believe he averages the most rebounds per 32 minutes just by being in the right place at the right time. This Friday night, I can guarantee that you we will see something very special from this kid once he steps out on the court. People are already predicting that he will have a game similar to Anthony Davis’s 59 points and 23 rebounds a couple of nights ago. This kid is gonna ball out.



Adam Margolis is a stud on and off the court. When given the opportunity, he schools anybody that attempts to guard him. Referred to by many as the “Jewish Jordan”, his talents were first noticed on his mother’s sonogram, holdin’ that follow through. Being the most intense, charismatic, all around baller to ever step foot in “The Barn”, Adam Margolis is the epitome of the phrase “size don’t matter”.

Will Rosenberg


Co-captain Max Marell is a leader. A two year varsity player and straight A student, Marell plays a steady game which has helped the Millers out this season. Although not a heavy scorer, Marell contributes to the team with good defense and smart basketball IQ. Referred to by the team as the second coming of mamba, Marell sets an example for the team and is often the anchor for the white team in practice.

Ross Gang


Three year varsity player Jake Bank was given the nickname “the future” as a sophomore and has lived up to that promise. He possesses a sick handle, a famously deadly knuckle ball jump shot, and can easily defend any player on the opposing team. Jake Bank sets the example and tone of our team and shows us what it means to be determined. It will certainly be a sad day when “the future” has to leave Millburn and “the future” becomes “the past.”

Sammy B


This year the seniors have been incredibly influential. They have shown us what it takes to be a great team. The seniors have shown great maturity in letting the the other players be a part of their team and accepting us with open arms. All the seniors have impacted us greatly and changed our game and our personalities for the better. They’ve demonstrated what it means to be a great teammate and we will carry that with us next year.

message by the team

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