Soulfege is an extremely successful, student-run acapella group led by Jake Gluckman which enhances many Millburn High Schoolers’ experiences, as it lets them expand their musical knowledge and discover their passions as artists. It also leads to amazing relationships and teaches its members so much about leadership.  

As many of Soulfege’s seniors prepare for their last Soulfege performance ever, they reminisce on the significance that this group has had in their lives. Samuel Dantowitz, who is going to Berklee College of Music and one of the most active members, spoke highly of this group. He said, that “Soulfege has helped [him] find [his] path all for the better”. Elizabeth Gray, who will be attending Stanford next year and has been a part of Soulfege for four years, said that it has “been [her] musical connection to the school”.

This Friday, June 10, Soulfege will be hosting an event in the auditorium to raise money for a beneficiary called, “Tunes to Teens” which is a part of the Contemporary A Cappella Society of America. It was created to bring a cappella music to people of all ages. They do this by sending a cappella CD’s to music programs across the country who lack financial support, in order to enrich students’ knowledge of music.

Another graduating member of the group, Sarah Jordan, who will be at Michigan next year, exemplifies how they have “become a family so it’s not just that [she] care[s] about making music with them, [she] care[s] about them as people”. This group, which has grown so much as years progressed, has had the ability to impact the lives of many by giving high schoolers experiences like traveling to competitions, performing on television, and become more musically aware. Soulfege was featured on the Lifetime series Pitch Slapped.

Soulfege has its final concert of the year tomorrow at 7:00 at Millburn High School. It will include performances from not only Soulfege, but from a cappella groups around the state including PHunk, Highlands Voices, Highlands Belles, and The Leading Tones. Tickets are $6 for students in advance, $8 for adults in advance, and $12 at the door. This is an event you do not want to miss!


Alexa Kerner
A sophomore at Millburn High School who loves the arts, photography, and writing.