Spirit week is back once again as the four grades compete for the ultimate title of champion at Friday night’s Battle of the Classes, which will begin at 7 PM in the main gym.

Each day this week has a different “theme” in which each grade can participate in their grade-assigned theme to earn points for their grade which will count towards Friday night.

  • On Monday, it’s “Millburn Spirit Day,” and all students are encouraged to wear Millburn attire.
  • On Tuesday, it’s “Holidays.” Seniors should wear clothing for the 4th of July; Juniors wear Valentines Day clothing; Sophomores wear Mardi Gras clothing, and Freshmen wear St. Patrick’s Day clothing.
  • On Wednesday, it’s “Decades.” Seniors should dress like it’s the 90s; Juniors should dress like it’s the 80s; Sophomores should dress like it’s the 70s, and Freshmen should dress like it’s the 60s.
  • On Thursday, it’s “Pajama Day,” so break out the PJ’s and earn some points for your grade!
  • On Friday, it’s “Color Day,” and each grade wears clothing with their assigned colors. Seniors wear blue; Juniors wear white; Sophomores wear red, and Freshmen wear green.

Also, on Friday, each grade will put up their hallway decorations that they have been working on for the past month. The quality of the decorations will also count towards Friday night’s competition.

Last year, the juniors stole the win by surprise at the Battle of the Classes, and it was also a milestone for Studio 462 as it was their first year live streaming the event.

Spirit week is always a great time to see Millburn High School’s 1,400 students show off their school pride (and, of course, see the grades compete against each other).

When asked about spirit week, MHS Assistant Principal Dr. Robert Keenan responded, “I like it, especially the culminating activity.”

This year, it’s expected to be a fantastic event on Friday night, with the gym being filled with seas of green, red, white, and blue.

Dan Sirota is a graduate from MHS ('20) and the former Student Director of Studio 462. He now studies Film & Media Arts at American University in Washington, D.C.