The gym was full of cheering students as the varsity athletes were announced this past Friday at Millburn High School’s spring pep rally. With the DJ rallying up the crowd and the MHS Accelerated Band providing us with some additional music, everyone had something to sing or dance along to. The MHS Dance Company also performed in between.

MHS’s athletic director, Mr. Frank Bifulco organized a winter pep rally back in December and the spring one that just took place. Before Bifulco, MHS only held one pep rally for fall sports in late September. The choice to support all sports seasons has proven to be very successful, and it gives all athletes recognition.

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Daniel Sirota
Sirota is a freshman at Millburn High School. As an avid bowler, he is a member of the varsity bowling team. He also loves exploring new heights and taking on challenges in MHS's Adventure Education class, and he can probably be found working behind-the-scenes with the MHS Stage Crew.