2022-2023 Staff

Leadership Team

Studio 462 is led by a select group of students who have an ongoing passion and commitment to the Studio. They work hard each day to manage the operations of the Studio along with the faculty advisor. Please continue to read below to have a look at the leadership team bios for the 2022-2023 year.

You can also visit their author profiles hosted here on the website by clicking on their picture next to their bio.

Adam Toubes is a Co-Student Director of Studio 462. As a current senior at Millburn High School and a 4-year member of the Studio, he is well acquainted with the Studio’s operations. Since 2021, he has called more than 40 Millburn sporting events which you can listen to live on the livestream tab within the website. He helps coordinate the weekly staff meetings and administer the Studio as a whole. When he’s not with the Studio, you’ll likely find him calling high school sports around the state of New Jersey. 


Daniella Jacob  is a Co-Student director of Studio 462. A current senior at Millburn High, Daniella is well-experienced with the software and technology within the club. Since she began at Millburn High School, she has broadcasted or done media for all kinds of Millburn events. She also assists in setting up meetings and keeping things organized within the club. Daniella, a filmmaker, also creates documentaries when not working with Studio 462. 


Dominic O’Connor is one of the Heads of Photography. He works to capture different events at school. These photographs are used to show the highlights of events at school. He hopes to show fun and different elements of Millburn High School through his enjoyment of taking pictures and capturing moments. You can find Dominic at sporting events, school fundraisers, and more. He is excited to continue to work on his skills during this year. When not working at Studio 462, Dominic continues to work on his craft taking pictures of everything in sight. 



Our staff consists of our leadership team as well as our participating members. Those who write for Studio 462 also have accounts here on the website and are listed below.

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