Friday, August 17, 2018

2018-2019 Staff

Leadership Bios

Studio 462 is led by a select group of students who have an ongoing passion and commitment to the Studio. They work hard each day to manage the operations of the Studio along with the faculty advisor. Please continue to read below to have a look at the leadership team bios for the 2018-2019 year.

You can also visit their author profiles hosted here on the website by clicking on their picture next to their bio.

Daniel Sirota is the Director of Live Events. As a current junior at Millburn High School and a 3-year member of the Studio, he is well acquainted with the Studio’s operations and is excited to be managing most of the Studio this year. He ensures that all live streams at the Studio go off without a hitch and are of the highest quality for the viewing audience. As someone who mainly works behind the scenes, he manages most of the equipment and works on special on-screen graphics that viewers see during live streams of events. He is also a key leader for the team who helps coordinate the weekly “staff” meetings and administer the Studio as a whole. While he’s not changing camera batteries or producing streams, you’ll likely find him working at Calabria’s in Livingston as an assistant manager or writing articles for TAPinto of Millburn and Short Hills.

Aashna Moorjani is the “editor in chief” for all the publications on the website. Her job is to ensure high-quality content is consistently published. She is a current sophomore and is honored to have been granted a leadership position in Studio 462. When she is not writing for the Studio, you can find her writing on her book review blog, for The Item, for TAPinto, and various school publications. Besides writing, Aashna enjoys reading and editing manuscripts at Foundry Literary and Media.

Kyle Farscht is the Head of Film Production. He is a current senior at Millburn High School and is an award-winning filmmaker. His movies have been screened in dozens of film festivals across the country. He also attended the prestige NYU Summer Filmmakers Workshop this past summer. When not doing film, Kyle spends his other time writing and producing music for his band, Powdered Elephants and also participates in the school musical. To see all of Kyle’s creative work, go to

Lindsay Osten is a Head of Photography. She is a current junior who can often be seen with a camera snapping pictures at countless events, alongside her “co-head”, Alena.

Alena Nitti is a Head of Photography. She is a current junior who enjoys photographing a wide array of events in and out of the high school.



Our staff consists of our leadership team as well as our participating members. Those who write for Studio 462 also have accounts here on the website and are listed below.