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Studio 462 is led by a select group of students who have an ongoing passion and commitment to the Studio. They work hard each day to manage the operations of the Studio along with the faculty advisor. Please continue to read below to have a look at the leadership team bios for the 2022-2023 year.

You can also visit their author profiles hosted here on the website by clicking on their picture next to their bio.

Daniel Sirota is the Student Director of Studio 462. As a current senior at Millburn High School and a 4-year member of the Studio, he is well acquainted with the Studio’s operations. Since 2016, he has worked on over 40 short films. He helps coordinate the weekly staff meetings and administer the Studio as a whole. When he’s not with the Studio, you’ll likely find him working at Hanover Lanes as the shift manager or out and about throughout northern New Jersey. Daniel is also a 9-year veteran of the Millburn School District’s music programs and will study Film & Media Arts at American University!


Emory Kaplan & Jazon Mazer are the Heads of Sports & Commentating. Both MHS juniors and seasoned members of Studio 462, they have collaborated together on mutiple projects such as their sports podcast “Down the Line.” They frequently commentate together on our sports broadcasts, especially during our basketball season. They’re well-known for their hype commentary and strong knowledge of Millburn sports. Be sure to listen for them on our broadcasts this year!




Aashna Moorjani is the “editor in chief” for all website articles, meaning that her job is to ensure high quality content is consistently published. She is a current junior and is very excited to continue her work in a leadership position in Studio 462. When she is not writing for the Studio, Aashna interns at TAPinto of Millburn/Short Hills and at Lotus Lane Literary. On less of a superficial level, she loves watching superhero movies and reading novels she gets way too obsessed with.


Lindsay Osten is one of the Heads of Photography. She works to capture different events at school. These photographs are used to show the highlights of events at school. She hopes to show fun and different elements of Millburn High School through her enjoyment of taking pictures and capturing moments. You can find Lindsay at sporting events, school musicals, and more. She is excited to continue to work on her skills during this year. When not working at Studio 462, Lindsay dances, is at the beach, traveling, or having a good time with her friends.




Alena Nitti is a Head of Photography. She is a current junior who enjoys photographing a wide array of events in and out of the high school.



Our staff consists of our leadership team as well as our participating members. Those who write for Studio 462 also have accounts here on the website and are listed below.

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