Let’s get to the big news!

Studio 462 is proud to announce its leaders for the 2017-2018 school year! After careful consideration and review, the following people will take the mantle of Studio 462 for next year:

  • Co-Presidents Brad Klein, Bud Power, and Ethan Muhlon
  • VP of Sports and Commentating Casey Kamiel and Jack Silberman
  • VP of Photography Wesley Gelman
  • VP of Videography and Commercials Ariel Riseman
  • VP of Technology Daniel Sirota
  • Co-VPs of Live Operations Matthew Ayoub, Victor Zheng, and Pramit Khatri

Congratulations to our new leaders, and let’s keep Studio rolling!

Daniel Sirota
Daniel Sirota is a sophomore at MHS, and he's the current Vice President of Technology for Studio 462. He is also a co-producer and director of the Studio 462 talk show "Have a Good Morning and a Pleasant Afternoon." While he generally produces our live streams, you can also hear him commentating soccer, lacrosse, and the annual Battle of the Classes.