The ‘MILL’ has, for months, caused some stir and excitement in the school. Construction as of now is still in progress; the pathway outside is still closed for all students. However, the building itself seems to be completed and already in use.
I’ve been in there a few times– it’s really modern, with glass walls separating rooms and a clean, sterile architectural design. It looks distinctly different from any other part of the school. Every section of the space is occupied by a computer, some robots, wires, or seating. Also, they have a fridge. Did I mention that they have a fridge?

Others agree – Darcy Gruer, senior, combines the new MILL with Common Lunch, saying, “I miss the library. I miss having somewhere to sit. We need another area to hang out during lunch, especially because places like Guidance can only fit so many people.” The construction has been a major inconvenience towards many. The outside hallway has completely closed, and there is no indication of when it will open again. Personally, I’m late to my second and third period class every day as a result, and when I have tests it can be a burden. 

The MILL: it gives MHS a modern touch, and has the potential to enhance the robotics program. But, could the money have been used for something else? While robotics students are writing on their glass walls and experiencing state-of-the art architectural design, the main campus bathrooms are rotting away, textbooks are falling apart, and paint is peeling from the walls.

So, I’ll pose a question– is the MILL good for our school? Is it too early to decide? I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

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