If there’s one thing I believe all students can agree upon, it’s their dislike of homework. We’ve been told all our lives that doing homework is essential to our learning process. The idea of wanting to reinforce knowledge makes sense to me, but that justification has become distorted as students reach higher grades. All you really need to do to reinforce a concept is a quick 5-10 maybe 20 minute assignment, correct? If the point of homework really is to solidify what we previously learned, why are MHS students and thousands of other high school students in the country crippled by hours of homework? We often have assignments where we must virtually teach ourselves the lesson we will go over the next day in class. What’s the point? It’s not the students’ job to teach themselves that material, it’s the job of the teachers. That’s why we even go to school. On top of studying and long-term assignments, students are eventually expected to go to 8 hours of school only to go home to 8 hours of homework.

Teachers forget that students have other teachers also giving them homework. If only we each had to worry about homework from one class. How is it fair that students are given these assignments that have little purpose and can often be labeled as busy-work? Since when has it become okay to have children staying up to ungodly hours to do an assignment they will possibly never look at again only because they are told it’s necessary when any student can tell the teacher that it’s not. Homework these days as a sophomore feels less like I’m reinforcing my knowledge, the way my homework was in around fourth grade, and more like I’m forced to teach myself entirely new concepts on top of the million other things I need to do, both for school and my personal life.

At what point will the leaders of American education realize that students have a finite capacity and by weighing them down with so much work, they are robbing the students of the childhood they are entitled to. When was the last time any of us could go home and just relax without any other school-related worry plaguing us? There’s always something school-related to focus on, even during breaks. Alleviating at least the amount of homework students have, I guarantee will improve test scores and student mentality. Regardless of whether students use their extra time to watch Netflix or study, our overall mental state will be improved. We will all be subconsciously more receptive to the knowledge we are receiving in class, as it should be.

Teachers can say whatever they want, however few deeply understand the strain homework has on a student’s life. I understand that homework is an institution of the education system, but that doesn’t mean it’s how we should be doing things and the extent has escalated to the point of unreasonableness. It’s one thing to expect a student to study for multiple tests, quizzes, quests, pop quizzes, etc. during a week, it’s another to expect them to do that on top of 6-8 hours of homework per night. Students should be given the time they need to adequately study and frankly, focus on things they enjoy. Think about all the things a student must do – focus on doing enough extracurriculars to get into college, chores, studying, long-term assignments, homework, family commitments, etc. Those things are not a choice and students sacrifice their mental well being, sleep, sanity, and happiness to meet the insensitive demands of teachers who show no regard for everything these students are put through.
Someone needs to hear our voice and know that the system is simply wrong. If students are having panic attacks at 11 pm after a long day of extracurriculars and school, worried they might not be able to finish their homework on a regular basis, it’s time to admit something is definitely wrong. This problem goes beyond MHS. Make no mistake, MHS certainly exemplifies everything wrong with the asinine homework principle, yet it was truly the American school system that has failed to basic needs of students and will continue to without widespread reform.

Aashna Moorjani
Aashna Moorjani is a sophomore (18-19) at Millburn High School and the Website Administrator for Studio 462.