East Hanover, NJ – The varsity team has once again pulled a victory out of their hat, and this one is a perfect win. Today’s match was against Seton Hall Prep. Unfortunately, the JV team had an opposite day with a 0-7 loss to Seton Hall.

Here are the Varsity Team’s highlights from today’s match:

  • Senior Lauren Potechin bowled a high game of 264, a 3-game series of 671, and a 223 average.
  • Senior Michael Neiman with an injured back came through with a high game of 234, a 3-game series of 630, and a 210 average.
  • Senior Jack Nirenberg bowled a high game of 208, a 3-game series of 578, and a 192 average.
  • Senior Anthony Amorosa bowled a high game (and a season high) of 227, a 3-game series of 516, and a 172 average.

Additionally, here are today’s JV highlights:

  • Freshman Daniel Sirota bowled a high game of 179, a 3-game series of 490, and a 163 average.
  • Freshman Matthew Norflus bowled a high game of 146, a 3-game series of 403, and a 134 average.
  • Senior Jonathan Murray bowled a high game of 131, a 2-game series of 253, and a 2-game average of 126.

Today’s overall high from Millburn was achieved by Lauren Potechin in her second game with a 264.

Today’s overall high from Seton Hall Prep was achieved by D. Gille in his third game with a 235.

Congratulations to the Varsity team!

(Bowler statistics courtesy of Coach Guarino)

Daniel Sirota

Sirota is a sophomore (17/18) at MHS, and he’s the Head of Technology for Studio’s 17/18 year. As a master editor, he releases many different and entertaining videos throughout the year. You can hear him behind the microphone often, as he enjoys commentating for soccer, basketball, lacrosse, and the annual Battle of the Classes.