I’m sure by now by some means of communication, you’ve heard of Waze, the new app that seems to be the ultimate app for traffic and directions. The app is like a forum wall in a way – you tell Waze where you want to go, and it automatically finds you the best route possible, using information from people nearby to help get you to your destination in the fastest time possible. Videos of Waze first found my computer screen through a simple YouTube search. It seemed like an interesting new thing, and with that I was onto my computer doing research on the popular traffic app.

Everybody remembers the days when those navigation systems were the greatest thing around, and you just had to stick it to your windshield, enter your address, and, boom, you were given directions to your location. For the most part, they worked, but you could also find yourself stuck with a “Calibrating GPS” screen for 5 minutes. With modern-day technology and the rise of smart devices, those suction-cup computers are becoming less efficient and more obsolete. Most people (including myself) now use their phones to rely on directions to and from places. I’ve been using Apple’s “Maps” app, which has been pretty good, but it only gives you directions and doesn’t note any road closures or accidents, so I could arrive somewhere 45 minutes late because Apple didn’t tell me that there was a crash on Main Street. Waze works similar to Maps, but instead of just hoping that your route actually gets you there, it takes information and feedback from people nearby and compiles that information to create an efficient route to your destination. Users of the app can easily submit information like road closures, speed traps, and vehicle accidents to the Waze community, which will then be used to get you to your destination faster – all of this happening at once on your tiny smartphone screen. There’s also an army of people who are constantly updating maps to ensure that you don’t end up on a sidestreet in the middle of nowhere.

Today’s world relies on social media and online interaction to accomplish many tasks that once could only be done in meeting rooms. Instead of watching TV or listening to the radio waiting for the traffic news, Waze¬†has all the information you need right at your fingertips in a matter of seconds. No matter where you’re going, Waze has your back, every step of the way.

If after reading this you’d like to try Waze for yourself, head on over to waze.com, or look for it in the App Store. And the best reason to download Waze? It’s absolutely free.

Travel Safely!

Daniel Sirota
Daniel Sirota is a graduating senior at MHS and the outgoing Student Director of Studio 462. Daniel will be moving on and attending American University in the fall of 2020.