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Millburn Deli.  Keepthescore.com As a high school student, it is incredibly stressful trying to balance school work and extracurricular activities. Even more daunting is the future – trying to get into a good college and getting a reliable job. These are all concerns that students have. At Studio 462, we give students the experience of working for and running a professional podcasting network. For almost 12 years now, hard-working students, along with advisor Gabriel Rhodes, have put in hours upon hours of time into making this project a success. In that time Studio 462 has gained a steady following among students and members of the community. The goal of this Studio is to make a connection between the school and the town itself. We hope that by introducing new content each week, we can connect to the entire community, and by creating and broadcasting commercials for local points of interest, we can link the students to the wider members of our town, including businesses. Last year, one of our pilot episodes with Steven Echavarria “The MLB Prospect”, our first episode of the series, was watched over 500 times with over 50 watch hours. With the renovation of our editing lab and production studio in the summer of 2023 and funding from the Millburn Education Foundation, we have acquired state-of-the-art equipment to create a network that will become the standard for all high school studios. However, we only have half of the equation solved. With an increasing quantity of student-produced work, we still lack content from outside the school. While we send members of our group to film commercials for eager businesses, we need your support and willingness to help grow our company. If you would like to help our network, we would like to help your business. We are looking for companies who would like to partner with Studio 46. This, in turn, will help to attract new clientele to your business. We offer multiple types of sponsorship opportunities, and you can read about these investments on the other side of this page. Thank you for your consideration, and we look forward to working with you and your business. For more information visit our Studio 462 Sponsorship Letter! Sincerely, The Studio 462 Team